Lt. Governor candidates speak at the Neshoba County Fair

PHILADELPHIA, Miss. (WTOK) - For years, the Neshoba County Fair has provided a huge opportunity for the public to get to know politicians running in local and state elections.

Delbert Hosemann, Shane Quick and Jay Hughes all want to be the next lieutenant governor of Mississippi. The candidates hit the stage at Founders Square, sharing ideas and asking for the public's support in the upcoming primary.

Hosemann is a Republican candidate who has held the office of secretary of state since 2008.

“Today went pretty well. We had a lot of people here supporting and that's pretty special I think. I think it’s based on our record and the things we've done as secretary of state. People see we’ve got the record and they like the record,” said Hosemann.

Shane Quick is also a Republican, going up against Hosemann in the primary. He said he is a candidate for the people.

“I represent the people who like their gun rights, the people that are Christians. I represent the people who like the pledge,” said Quick.

Hughes is the Democrat candidate running for lieutenant governor. He says he hopes to be a bright change to the state of Mississippi.

“I feel like there is a momentum of people who want someone in the middle who can take care of problems instead of trying to make headlines,” said Hughes.

Thursday fairgoers will hear from candidates for governor. Eleven Democrat, Republican and third party candidates are slated to speak in Founders Square. Click the link to see the schedule.