Billy Adam Calvert beats Rep. Greg Snowden in Dist. 83 race

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - A major upset in the race for District 83. Billy Adam Calvert beat longtime representative Greg Snowden. Calvert had 2,598 with Snowden getting 2,352.

Snowden has been in the Mississippi Legislature for the past 20 years representing District 83. Snowden and Calvert both say they tried to run a clean campaign. Both candidates spoke with Newscenter 11 at the Lauderdale County Courthouse Tuesday night.

“The voters get the say. That's what democracy is all about. We have to respect the will of the voters and I certainly agree that in our system that you know one person serves and another one can't,” Snowden says.

"It’s just great support. I remember something saying you're going to need $50,000 to run for this office and I was thinking what have I got myself into and how am I going to get $50,000. Next thing I know we started raising money and it came and here we are," Calvert says.

Snowden says he appreciates everyone who has supported him over the years including in Tuesday’s election. Meanwhile, Calvert says he's excited.