Mississippi man pleads guilty to kidnapping a 73 year old man

A former assistant high school track coach has been indicted on suspicion of five felony sex crimes involving a child (MGN).

AP A Mississippi man will spend 15 years in prison after tying up a 73-year-old man while on the run from court-ordered drug rehabilitation.

David Todd Johnson of Glen was sentenced to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty last month to kidnapping, armed robbery and jail escape in Lee County Circuit Court.

Prosecutors say Johnson removed an electronic ankle bracelet in 2017 and escaped from God's House of Hope rehab center in Nettleton.
Johnson appeared at a Nettleton home seeking work to earn money. A resident gave Johnson $20 for odd jobs, but Johnson robbed the man's father at knifepoint and duct-taped the 73-year-old to a chair, stealing a phone and pickup.