Two suspects arrested in Neshoba Co. car thefts

NESHOBA COUNTY, Miss. (WTOK) - A break tonight in the stolen car theft investigation in Neshoba County- detectives said they've arrested two suspects in the case.

“We arrested two white males. One by the name of Sami Elbatnigi. He was arrested in Scott County in possession of a stolen truck, a 200o’s model Z-71. We also arrested Kaleb Smith. He was arrested here in the city in a traffic stop in possession of a stolen silver Camaro from Bobby’s Auto Sales,” said Investigator Derek Wyatt.

Investigator Wyatt said both suspects are charged with one count each of possession of stolen property. Investigator Wyatt said they're not sure what the suspects were planning on doing with the stolen vehicles, but they know how both vehicles were stolen.

"We believe the keys were stolen from the Camaro and the keys were in the Z-71. Someone came out if the woods and jumped in when the owner wasn't looking,” said Investigator Wyatt.

Investigator Wyatt said this is an ongoing investigation and more arrests are expected.

“The Camaro seemed to be something other people are involved in. We are still investigating. More arrests could come from that. The truck, Sami claims he got from someone else and was just going to keep for himself. Come turn yourselves in. We know who you are. All that is left at this point is to find you,” said Investigator Wyatt.

Both suspects are being held on bond. Investigator Wyatt said the case will be turned over to the grand jury.