Field of Dreams opens in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA, Miss. (WTOK) - Since its start, Philadelphia’s Diamond Dreams baseball league has provided special needs children with an opportunity to play baseball and softball using the buddy system. And for the first time ever, four teams of more than 50 kids played on a field designed just for them.

"We have sponsors for every team and we already have people lined up for feeding them. It was amazing! Did you see the crowd? I just can’t believe it’s actually here!" Maxey says.

League Coordinator Michele Maxey says several members of the community stepped up to make the field of dreams a reality, including Yates Construction. Maxey says the continued support for the league is overwhelming.

"It speaks volumes of our community. I'll start crying. It's good stuff. It's good medicine. They just don't give donations, they show up. They cheer and they're here every time. And they won’t just be at this game, they'll be at every one," Maxey says.

The new field includes a rubberized turf, larger dugouts and more. Maxey, whose own son is player, says the families involved are just excited about this season as the players are.

"I don't know if they even realize they have a cool new field, they’re just excited to be back out there. But it’s just little things they notice, because they’re the parents, like their kids aren't having trouble running and it’s just nice and clean," Maxey says.

Maxey says the first game on the new field made a lasting impact on everyone, including volunteers.