Philadelphia-Neshoba County Library will host Sasquatch Week

PHILADELPHIA, Miss. (WTOK) - Folklore, fairy tales, urban legends. It’s the stuff Sasquatch rumors are made of. When you combine that with guest readers, learning and story time, you get the Philadelphia-Neshoba County Library’s Sasquatch Week.

“In the southeast Bigfoot has been sighted or there have been reported sightings. The library takes no stance on the existence one way or another. However, it provides this context of curiosity for kids that attend the library reading academy,” said Library Director Jacob Starks.

Starks said during the one-hour program each day, kids can expect intriguing presentations, crafts, snacks and a little bit of learning.

“The idea of cryptozoology and these really big vocabulary words, they tie back to the Latin we use in our library reading academy program and this allows these kids to acquire this vocabulary, led by experts,” said Starks.

Starks said the goal of Sasquatch Week is to encourage imagination and learning in a setting that’s outside of the classroom and the home.

“This allows for the kids to listen to a presentation that delivers a lot of vocabulary in a subject that’s a little 'out there'. But it encourages keeping their attention. What you do leave with is the ability to take the terms and the words and the terms used and next time they see them on a test, they’re already familiar with them,” said Starks.

The program starts at 4 p.m. daily Oct. 14-18.