Hands of Hope organization serves lunch in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA, Miss. (WTOK) - Dozens of Hands of Hope volunteers spent the day at Westside Community Center feeding those in need.

“It’s the 10th Annual Hands of Hope. What we do is we feed the elderly, the homeless and the needy. It’s a great need in our community. What we do is we just come out and pretty much just feed everybody that wants to eat, or if you just want to come around and talk, that’s cool too,” said Zaus Kirkland, a Hands of Hope volunteer.

Kirkland said it’s a blessing and a privilege to help out a neighbor in need.

“It’s a burden that I have been dealing with for years, the need to help any and everyone who needs help. When I was asked to do this, I jumped in, because I knew it would be something that will last a lifetime,” said Kirkland.

Bishop Stan Jones said it’s overwhelming to see so many Hands of Hope volunteers helping out the community.

“It feels wonderful. It’s actually ministry, because ministry is not just behind the walls of the building, where you can go out and spread love abroad and you can be blessings to the people of God,” said Jones.