Neshoba General Hospital continues Covid-19 drive thru testing

NESHOBA COUNTY, Miss. (WTOK) - Since opening a drive thru coronavirus testing center, Wednesday, staff at Neshoba General Hospital have screened dozens of people over the phone, but only a few have advanced to the testing stage.

“We’ve screened over a hundred patients through our call-in line. Of those, six have actually advanced to have the corona swab sent off. All total, sent off, you add our clinic visits and emergency visits, we’ve sent off 31 corona swabs. Of those we have results for 13. So far all have been negative,” said Dr. Andrew Dabbs, Chief Medical Officer.

Dr. Dabbs said they are waiting on the results of the other tests. With testing going on at the drive thru and in the hospital, several changes have been made to protect staff and patients from the virus, including prohibiting visitors for adult patients.

“When someone may come to the emergency department acutely ill, their family members are having to wait in the car in the parking lot. We don’t like doing this. We feel inhuman doing it, but it’s one of the things we have to do to protect that family member from other patients in the emergency department,” said Dr. Dabbs.

Dr. Dabbs urged residents of Neshoba County to stay at home and take the virus seriously, even though the county is one of few in Mississippi without a confirmed case.

“We’ve tried to be very proactive. Our administration for six to eight weeks, has been trying to prepare our facility for this. It’s imperative that the community heed the advice of the legitimate experts from the NIH and the CDC and stay at home,” said Dr. Dabbs.

If you live in Neshoba County and think you need to be tested for coronavirus, call the hospital screening service line at 601-663-1212.