5th St. shooting marks fourth Meridian homicide this month

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One person was killed and three others were injured in a shooting Monday night in Meridian. This is the fourth homicide in the city this month, but Chief Benny Dubose says they are all isolated incidents and residents shouldn't feel unsafe.

There have been eight homicides in the city of meridian, four of those just this month.

"If you look at them overall, most of them were involved with people that knew each other," says Chief Dubose.

Except the most recent one where two people attempted to rob Frank's Drive-In on 5th St. Monday night. Chief Dubose says a person in the building tried to un-arm one the suspects and that's when shots were fired. One person died on the scene and three others were injured. The two responsible are still on the run.

"It's going to take the entire community to deal with this issue," says Chief Dubose.

The Meridian Police Department says it has been aggressively patroling high crime areas, which happen to be low-income neighborhoods, but there's only so much officers can do.

"It's not just a police matter," says Chief Dubose. "It's a community matter. They know what's going on and they need to tell us what's going on, and who is doing it."

Mayor Percy Bland says the city isn't dealing with a lot of random acts of crime. He says most of these homicides were between people that knew each other.

"Our police department wouldn't have been able to prevent happening in these domestic situations," says Bland.

MPD doesn't believe crime is getting worse. City officials say safety shouldn't be a concern in the community.

"Rather than talking among themselves about how bad it is, come to us and tell us who these people are, what they're doing and let us do our job."