8th Street improvements, temporary closure

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Meridian city officials are hoping in the course of one week, they can take a small portion of 8th Street and make it look like new again.

"We're starting Monday morning (July 24) right after rush hour, maybe 8:30 or so, and it shouldn't take longer than all week," Tommy Stokes with Meridian Public Works says. "Hopefully, we'll be done before that."

Crews are working to repair 8th Street from 23rd Avenue to 24th Avenue - the stretch of the road in front of the Temple Theater. It's covered with cracks and potholes. Instead of simply sealing the cracks, they'll mill the roads and pave.

"The road is deteriorated, and our crews will mill and grind up the roadway, and be paving right after that," Stokes says.

The parking garage will still be open, and Stokes says the work shouldn't have a major impact for people trying to get around downtown.

"It's only one block, so we don't anticipate too big of an inconvenience for the traveling public," he says.

Public Works will be handling all of the repairs in-house with their own equipment, in hopes of saving the city money.

"You won't see the cracked up asphalt and deteriorating potholes and so forth."

Officials say it should take any longer than a week to finish the job.