A Mississippi artist made history at the MAX

Meridian, Miss. (WTOK)- Steve Azar made history by being the first to record in the governor's studio at the max.

"This great artist to come here and record at the home of Jimmie Rodgers. So he wrote a song called "one Mississippi" it is just a great remarkable song about all the great things that are going on in the state of Mississippi. Our history, culture, arts and entertainment. So i came here to watch Steve cut this record today, " said Governor Phil Bryant.

Governor Bryant agrees with the importance of having a recording studio in the max.

"One of the things I asked them to do is to put a recording studio here. We are the birthplace for American music. There are so many young people here looking for a recording so they can go out and show to agencies and everyone how good I am. We want them to come here and do that not to go off to Nashville, Tennessee or someplace like that. So we're going to open this up for Mississippi artists like Steve Azar today," said Governor Phil Bryant.

Singer, songwriter and a Mississippi native Steve Azar explains the inspiration behind this recording.

"Governor Bryant had me in his office and say that he want me to write for the bicentennial. A song that every kid in school can sing, I want the cores to be that. I want you to represent what Mississippi is all about and we know Mississippi is separated in five sections, but where are all one," said Steve Azar.

The MAX's team says their goal is to inspire, educate and change hearts and minds.