A big cool-down coming this weekend

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Happy Thursday! Summer-like morning temperatures are out there this morning as we start the day with temperatures around 70 degrees under partly cloudy skies. We'll continue to see partly cloudy skies throughout our Thursday with the chance of isolated showers and storms as highs climb to near 90 degrees. The majority of us will remain dry today, so no widespread concerns are expected for the many football games that have been rescheduled to this evening. We look to see mostly clear skies during the overnight hours, with Friday morning lows around 70 degrees.

A cold front will bring increased rain chances on our Friday and even into the first half of Saturday. This front won't be a huge rainmaker, but be sure to bring the rain gear as you head out and about Friday afternoon and into Saturday morning. Temperatures will plummet behind this frontal passage. After highs in the upper-80s on Friday, Saturday morning lows will be in the low-50s, Saturday highs only in the upper-60s, lows in the upper-40s on Sunday, and highs in the mid-70s on Sunday.

Rain chances also look to stick with us through next week as the cold front stalls out and keeps small rain chances in the forecast for Sunday. The frontal boundary will then lift back up as a warm front and bring increased rain chances for Monday. This warm front will make it complicated to forecast the high temperature for Monday because the highs will be determined by how far the front lifts north. Remember that colder air is generally north of a warm front with the warmer air to the south of it. Right now my forecast calls for it to lift far enough to the north where the majority of us will see highs in the low-80s. If the front doesn't make it as far north, then there could be a large temperature spread across our area.

The warm front on Monday will be replaced with another cold front coming in from the north and west and thus our best rain chances next week will look to be on Tuesday. A few showers may linger on into our day on Wednesday. There are still some uncertainties remaining with the timing of this second cold front. Rain chances could be a bit higher on Wednesday than what I am forecasting depending on the exact timing of the frontal passage, so be sure to keep up to date with the latest forecast on that.