A group held its first public meeting for victims of domestic abuse

Tuesday night was the first public event of "Queen Talks - Silence No More".

Queen-Talk is organized by Tcarra Johnson and Darnella White is a group open to all women who need a way out of domestic violence or someone to vent to. Their mission is to be a sisterhood of empowerment of all ages to build confidence, self-worth and gain life experience through education, motivation and career excellence. The vice president of the group, White, had a powerful message at the Tuesday night meeting.

"Is it love when I cry night after night knowing I am being abused on a daily basis? Is it love when I look in the mirror and see scars and bruises from the night before? Is it love when I have to lie to my family like everything is ok no longer will I be silent it’s time to speak up ladies I will not be silent anymore,” said White.

The group meets twice a month on Tuesdays.