A stray shower is still possible today as sunshine returns

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Showers will grow fewer today and Wednesday as summer-like heat begins building through this weekend. The first 90-degree reading of the year could happen this weekend.


Drier air flowing into Mississippi and Alabama will help reduce the coverage of showers and thunderstorms today and tomorrow. A couple of stray showers are still possible. This morning will be mostly sunny. Temperatures will warm to the mid-to-upper 70s by noon. This afternoon will be partly-to-mostly cloudy with that chance for a couple of stray showers. Highs will be in the low-to-mid 80s. Clouds and stray showers will linger through this evening. Temperatures will cool into the mid-60s by 10 PM, and our lows by morning will be in the mid-50s.


Scattered showers and thunderstorms will return Thursday. The pattern will favor more scattered showers and thunderstorms beyond Thursday through at least next Monday. However, scattered showers and thunderstorms often leave large areas completely dry. We're all fair game, but that does not mean we will get rain every day.


What we will all get in on is the building heat. Temperatures will step up through the 80s through the rest of this week. Lower 90s are in the forecast for both Saturday and Sunday.


We haven't hit 90 degrees at Meridian Regional Airport since October 11 - so for seven months and a week. Our warmest temperature so far this year was 89 degrees. That happened on March 26. Historically, our mean first 90-degree day is May 13. That means we should have our first 90-degree high any day now based on what has happened since 1890. The earliest we ever hit 90 degrees was March 24, and that happened in 1929. Our latest first 90-degree day was June 30, and that happened in 1983. On average, we have 132 days between our first 90-degree day and our last 90-degree day.