Alabama Career Center opens in Livingston

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SUMTER COUNTY, Ala. (WTOK) - Job Seekers in West Alabama will now have a place where they can get help for the job search.

“An outstanding opportunity for people in Livingston, Sumter County, along with West Alabama, to avail themselves of training, educational opportunities but more importantly job placement opportunities,” said Dr. Ken Tucker, President of The University of West Alabama.

The Alabama Career Center partnered with The University of West Alabama to open a satellite office to better serve those citizens looking for job placement.

“There is a lot of unemployment in Sumter County and there are a lot of job seekers and employers that come to Demopolis for our services and so it is important for us to have one to save on that mileage,” said Larry Jowers, Director of the Alabama Career Center in Demopolis.

The office is on the UWA campus in Land Hall and will offer various important services free to citizens to use.

“If a job seeker is looking for resume assistance, interview training, workforce training, now all those services are offered to job seekers right here in this area,” explained Fitzgerald Washington, Secretary of the Alabama Department of Labor.

With job placement a top priority for both UWA and the State of Alabama, this pilot program will help try to curb the unemployment rate.

“In a 70 mile radius of where we are standing there are over 1,100 jobs, so a lot of people done realize those jobs are available,” said Washington.

The new facility will be open on Thursday during the week, which leaders hope to expand to more days as demands grow.

“What we think will happen is that demand for services will grow exponentially and we will open additional days until we grow to the point where it will be a full service Career Center with its own facility on campus,” explained Tucker.

The Alabama Career Center in Livingston is located on The University of West Alabama campus in Land Hall. It will be open on Thursday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.