Ivey: High-speed internet essential for entire state

LIVINGSTON, Ala. (WTOK) - Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey visited the University of West Alabama Friday for the 2nd Annual Rural Technology Summit. She says everyone in the state should have access to high-speed internet.

"We need access to high speed broadband connectivity to improve education, healthcare and economic development," Governor Ivey said. "High speed internet is just a part of today’s life.”

Educator Chris Holcombe says he attended the summit to find out how to get high-speed internet to rural areas where some of his students live. He says students need this kind of access to succeed outside of the classroom.

"We have it at the school but once they leave the schools they can't get anything at home," Holcombe said. "So it's important we implement a way to get that broadband at home so they can do their homework, do research and development, things that will get them ready for the future."

Ivey said a gain for rural Alabama would be a gain for the entire state.

Additional speakers from the National Telecommunications and Information Agency and U.S. Department of Commerce also attended the summit.