Alcohol hits store shelves in Quitman for the first time

QUITMAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Two stores in Quitman debuted the first sale of alcohol within county lines this week.

"We've sold groceries; we've sold milk. It's just different, you know, having beer in our store," Greer’s Cash Saver Assistant Manager Janet Middleton said.

Greer's Cash Saver and Southern Market are the first two stores to offer beer and alcohol for sale in Quitman. Voters approved the measures by about 60% last month. This new access could bring more customers and a boost to revenue for both stores.

"Well we're going to have our customers here in Clarke County that don't have to travel to Lauderdale or Wayne County,” Middleton said. “We can pick up some extra sales here."

Janet Middleton is an assistant manager at Greer's Cash Saver. She says shoppers stood in amazement on the first day of sales.

"No, it was kind of a last minute thing. We had a lot of people to come in just to see it on the shelves,” Middleton said. “They would just come to see where it was at. To see it on the shelves in Clarke County."

Clarke County residents no longer have to travel miles to purchase that alcoholic beverages. You can visit either store. Just remember to bring to your I.D.

"It's the first time they've seen it on the shelves. It's just something everyone will have to get used to," Middleton said.

Both referendums were passed to approve the sale of alcohol in November. Businesses that want to sell alcohol within the city of Quitman, will have to apply for permits.