Alcohol soon to be sold in Clarke County

CLARKE CO., Miss (WTOK) - The votes are in, and Clarke County has decided to approve the sale of beer and alcohol. The vote passed by about 60 percent of voters on both referendums.


Quitman's mayor says it's all about compromise. He says even though 60 percent of voters support the sale of alcohol, there are still 40 percent scared of what it may bring with it. That's why Quitman already put ordinances in place in advance of this election. The ordinances say restaurants must have 75 percent of revenue from food sales and no alcohol signs visible from streets. He says he's also been talking to county officials and other municipalities so everyone can get on the same page.

"There's a bunch of people that are very concerned and unhappy and a bunch of people that are happy and excited about the future," Quitman Mayor Eddie Fulton says. "So you have to merge both of those thought processes into one because we have to work together, we have to live together and we have to move forward together."

Don't expect to see alcohol for sale already. The vote needs to be certified within the next week, and businesses that want to sell alcohol will have to apply for permits.

Mayor Fulton says he does expect alcohol will be available sometime next month.