Antenna viewers of WTOK, subchannels need to make changes July 2

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Viewers who watch WTOK, MyTOK2, Meridian's CW and ION television on antenna will have to re-scan their channels July 2.

It's a simple process that involves your remote, your TV and only takes a couple of minutes to do. Once you complete the re-scan, you'll continue to have access.

This is for antenna viewers only, as cable and satellite viewers are not affected.

"What that means to the viewer is only July 2nd, they'll need to re-scan the channels on their TV if they watch TV with a free over the air antenna," said WTOK general manager Tim Walker. "If they watch on cable or satellite, they don't have to do anything. Their provider will take care of it for them. But on that day, they'll need to re-scan their TV if they use an antenna to watch WTOK, MyTOK2 or the CW."

The scan is only necessary one time due to some technical changes required of broadcasters.