April 10, 2018 Kemper County Arrest Report

Published: Apr. 10, 2018 at 9:49 AM CDT
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Abigail Hickman, 04-04-18 Public Drunk

Christopher Jenkins, 04-07-18; Possession of Controlled Substance; No Proof of Insurance

Christopher Johnson, 04-09-18; Possession of Controlled Substance-Marijuana

Dustin Chapman, 04-04-18; No Driver License; DUI Refusal; No Proof Of Insurance

Jackie Kirk, 04-06-18; Disorderly Conduct

Jeremy Jones, 04-05-18; Possession of Marijuana

Jesmond Rockingham, 04-04-18; Possession of Contraband in Facility

Michael Gray, 04-08-18; Hold For Other Agency

Quincy Kirk, 04-06-18; Disorderly Conduct

Quindell Griffin, 04-04-18; Shoplifting

Raymond Herring, 04-05-18; Improper Passing; No Driver License; Expired Tag; Possession of Controlled Substance

Raymond Kirk, 04-06-18; Disorderly Conduct

Rondal Anderson, 04-09-18; Court Order

Sean Wilson, 04-04-18; No Driver License; No Proof Of Insurance; Improper Equipment; DUI Refusal

Willie Bennett, 04-03-18; Disturbance of the Family; Disorderly Conduct