Bailey takes the oath of office

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - A new circuit judge was sworn into office Friday morning in Meridian.

Robert "Bo" Bailey won election in November to the judgeship his father held for 27 years. He was administered the oath in the second floor courtroom by senior Circuit Court Judge Charles Wright, surrounded by his wife, children and parents.

Bailey said taking the oath was a relief after running a campaign for most of 2018. He says he already has goals set for his first year on the bench.

"To serve everyone fairly and impartially, and to help speed up the docket, to help clean up the docket," Bailey said. "There's a lot of backlog on cases. Some cases tend to sit, and for years, before they are heard. And I want to work with the senior judge and help clean up that backlog."

Bailey was wearing the robe his father used as he took the oath of office Friday.