Bankrate ranks most, least valuable college majors

(CNN) - When it comes to career paths, not all college majors are created equal. Bankrate is out with its annual report showing the most and least valuable majors.

The study ranked 162 majors and looked at factors like median annual income, unemployment rate and need for advanced degrees.

At the top of the list, naval architecture and marine engineering. According to Bankrate, people with that degree earn a median income of $90,000 a year.

The unemployment rate was low at 1.6%.

Grads were also less likely to need advanced degrees, which avoids even more college debt.

Overall, science, technology, engineering and math degrees dominated the top of the list.

Nuclear engineering came in second, followed by pharmaceutical sciences and administration, genetics and electrical engineering.

The least valuable majors were all arts degrees. That included fine arts, linguistics, drama and theater.

People with a drama and theater arts degree earned a median income of less than $36,000 a year.

They also faced an unemployment rate over 5%.

According to the survey, 26 percent of these grads said they invested in a higher degree, so choose wisely.

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