Biewer Lumber in Newton open for business

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NEWTON, Miss. (WTOK) - Newton is now home to what officials describe as Mississippi’s most advanced and technology driven sawmill. It's a non-stop operation that employs more than 100 people locally.

Biewer Lumber in Newton operates 7 days a week, employing 120 people, from electricians to equipment operators to maintenance personnel.

When the company announced it was looking to put people to work, it gave some locals hope. Bobby Houston found work securing logs.

"I was unemployed before I came to Biewer, for about 7 months. It was hard trying to take care of family. But places like this help us out," said Houston.

Employees are setup at different stations to make sure things run smoothly.

"It’s a learning experience. I learn more jobs because if someone is absent I can relieve them," said Houston.

Quality control manager, Austin Bowen, said the machines handle most of the work.

"Those computers tell the saws exactly how to cut that log," said Bowen.

The logs are weighed, de-barked, cut, dried and then sold for construction, industrial and commercial needs.

Biewer Lumber also took Isabella Westberry's life in a different direction.

“I went to school part-time and I was a cashier part-time," said Westberry.

She said she learned a new set of skills to better her life.

"I wanted something different and this is way different than what I am used to. Now that I am actually having a full-time job, I have time for friends, family. I am getting married in September so now I have time to plan all that out correctly," said Westberry.

Bowen said Biewer Lumber is committed to the area. Tuesday, the company donated $50,000 to the Newton Fire Department.

"To have a long lasting impact on the community, to have somewhere that our kids and their kids, generations to come can have a place to work that is safe and comfortable and makes everything and everyone better," said Bowen.

People who are interested in a career may apply online. Click the attached link. Those interested may also book a tour of the facility through the main office. It's located on Coliseum Drive in Newton.