Bill would prevent Alabama cities from banning plastic bags

Source: MGN

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - A legislative committee has advanced legislation to prohibit Alabama cities from banning plastic grocery bags.

The Senate Governmental Affairs Committee voted 9-2 Tuesday to send the bill to the Senate floor.

The bill by Republican Sen. Steve Livingston of Scottsboro would prohibit local governments from banning the use of plastic bags, foam cups and other single-use bags and containers. It would also prohibit local governments from charging a fee for use of the single-use containers.

Livingston told the committee that it would maintain a uniform policy across the state.

Tammy Herrington, executive director of Conservation Alabama, said she thought it was an issue that should be decided "by Alabamians in their local communities."

Herrington called the bill "cut and paste" legislation pushed by an outside group.