Brewery possible in downtown Meridian

Published: Mar. 14, 2018 at 3:52 PM CDT
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The old Meridian police station could be getting a make-over soon. Threefoot Brewery is looking to move into the building and renovate it.

“Right now I’m looking to purchase it. If it’s approved by the city, I plan to turn it into a brewery with a tap room. And also there’s room for other businesses [that I] think would work well with the neighborhood, and obviously the brewery as well,” says Threefoot Brewery owner John Purdy.

The building on 6th Street in downtown Meridian is designated as historic so all renovations must be approved by the state.

“So we won’t tear it down," says Purdy. "What we’ll do is we’ll restore it and we’ll work with [the] Mississippi Department of Archives and History in order to renovate it so that we can use it for what we need but we still meet their requirements.”

Purdy believes that opening his brewery will help boost the economy of the city.

“I think it would have a huge impact in Meridian. If you just look at other communities throughout our region and the southeast, breweries have changed entire communities and sometimes entire cities," Purdy said.

The Meridian City Council will have a public work session Monday, Mar. 19, where people can hear about this idea and voice their opinions. The council will then vote on it the next day. If it’s approved, Threefoot Brewery will quickly move forward.

“The next steps is I’ll start studying what I can do with the building," Purdy explains. "I’ll start really looking closely at what I need to build the brewery and then I’ll start fundraising immediately.”