Broken A/C causes voting precinct to relocate

Published: Jul. 15, 2019 at 7:04 PM CDT
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The Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors has approved an emergency precinct change for the August 6th primaries.

Voters who usually cast ballots at the Frank Cochran Center will instead go to Magnolia Hall, located directly behind and across the street from the Cochran Center.

"The heating and cooling unit in the Frank Cochran Center, to my understanding, is not properly working. You have to realize that August will be the hottest month of the year. We have to make sure that the poll workers are in there and are comfortable. You have to have the heating and cooling unit working," said District 4 Supervisor Joe Norwood.

"The city did not have the funds to fix the air in time for the election. Then we had a problem with phone service in the metal building. We discovered it was better to move it to the Magnolia center directly behind the Frank Cochran Center," said District 4 Election Commissioner Gloria Dancy.

Dancy says someone will be stationed at the Cochran Center to make sure voters find the new precinct.

"We will have a person here letting anyone know who shows up, that the precinct has been moved to the other side of the building," said Dancy.

Dancy says she doesn't want workers to repeat last year's conditions.

"We did not have air last year in the Frank Cochran Center. It was not very good for the workers to work in there in August with no air," said Dancy.

With the primary elections just a few weeks away, officials say they are glad to find a location nearby.

"The Magnolia Hall will be a good location for us to have the election and we're grateful we didn't have to move it somewhere else. It's pretty much there on the same property," said Norwood.

Officials say the A/C unit at the Cochran Center is undergoing repairs.