Brown found guilty of murder in Choctaw County

Published: Mar. 10, 2017 at 6:46 PM CST
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A Choctaw County jury has found Joe Lee Brown guilty of the murder of Jeremy James back in August of 2014.

The jury reached the verdict after just under an hour of deliberation. The trial started Monday. Witnesses continued their testimony Friday.

The five day murder trial of Joe Lee Brown has come to an end.

"We got him! We got him!" Jay James, the father of the 2014 murder victim exclaimed while leaving the Choctaw County Courthouse Friday.

Jay James says he and his family have received justice in the brutal murder of his son Jeremy James.

"We stuck together. We believed in the good Lord who saw us through this. Praise God we won. We got justice," James says.

Joe Lee Brown was charged in the 2014 slaying and has now been convicted. The victim's family says they have been praying for justice and that many miracles have led them to this day.

"To all my friends, relatives, all the law enforcement that were involved, to all the moral support we have gotten. I thank ya'll from the bottom of my heart," James says.

As for the defendant's family, the wife says this is an injustice and she feels let down by the court system.

"He is innocent. There are a lot of inconsistencies. There was a lot of stuff. I do not feel that he got a fair trial. I thought it was unfair that our DNA expert was not allowed to testify," Brown says.

Mrs. Brown says she feels sorry for the victim's family in this case and says she wants the real killer to be found.

"We do hope that whoever is guilty, they will be brought to the light," Brown says.

"To all the parents out there, there's hope. Keep an eye on your kids," James says.

Joe Lee Brown will be sentenced on April 3rd.

During the trial, a few of the witnesses talked about seeing the victim laying in the middle of the road on the night of Jeremy James' death. Others say they heard about it, but wanted nothing to do with it, despite having contact with the victim shortly before his body was found.

During closing arguments, the prosecution laid out evidence submitted, such as fingernails, a box cutter and multiple blood samples found at the crime scene with both the defendant and the victim's blood present.

With it being about two and a half years since the victim's body was found, many of the witnesses couldn't recall what they saw, said or heard when the case began.