Bullets strike apartment with newborn nearby

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - A Meridian woman is calling for an end to violence after she says her newborn grandchild was almost killed in a "close call" while at home.

"When you come in my house you can see the gunshot in the window," says Kashina Bloxson. She has lived in Sowashee Apartments on the southside of Meridian for five years. For the first time while living at Sowashee Bloxson's family, which includes its newest member, Paris, has become a victim of gun violence.

"My daughter and her 3-week-old daughter were sitting on the couch in front of the window when the shot came through the window and it passed right beside her," says Bloxson. "It scared me. I just thank God that we are all alive, and that my daughter was able to get off the couch. I had her to run to the back when they were shooting in my house at my front window."

Bloxson says the shots were fired around 12:30 in the afternoon this past Sunday. A second bullet hole was found in her kitchen.

"Something just said, 'Look in the window,' and the bullet was laying right here in my window," says Bloxson. "So, the officer told me that it went up in the air and it came down in my ceiling. That's how the hole got in my ceiling."

Plus, at least two bullets hit Bloxson's van outside her apartment.

"The shooting came from a street behind me, and guys were running on the side of my building and the next thing that we heard were gunshots," says Bloxson. "I'm just so tired of violence. I want to see the violence stop, and the hatred! I want us all to come together because we're all brothers and sisters and to love each other."

Bloxson says she doesn't know anyone who was involved in the shooting nor the motive. Meridian Police Chief Benny Dubose says juveniles were questioned in the matter and then released. So far, no charges have been filed. An investigation into the case is ongoing.