Butch Spyridon to speak about Marty Stuart Museum Thursday

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PHILADELPHIA, Miss. (WTOK) - Ahead of the anticipated Marty Stuart Museum, a special guest speaker will be talking about how it’ll affect the city of Philadelphia and its businesses.

Butch Spyridon from the Nashville Convention and Visitors Corporation will be giving people an overview of what they can expect from the new Marty Stuart Museum.

"I was talking with Marty on day and said we need someone that can come and tell our community, businesses, and politicians what's going to be coming down the road for them. Marty thought about it for a little while and said we need Butch Spyridon," says David Vowell, Community Development Partnership President.

Everyone who has questions and concerns about the museum are encouraged to attend Thursday night's meeting. Organizers say they want everyone from business owners to people in surrounding areas to voice their input.

"Even people in Meridian and our outlining areas can come. If you are wondering, well I would like to know more about this, then come," says Tim Moore, Community Development Partnership Ex. Director.

The museum has already brought in several businesses so far, even though it's not finished yet.

"A business person from just south of Tampa, Fla. has hired a contractor and he is developing four upstairs apartments in the city. The only reason he is here is because of the Marty Stuart Project," says Vowell.

Community Development Partnership members say the museum will have a huge impact on the city's day to day lifestyle.

"If you've seen the current block of town, then you can see that with this coming, the landscape is going to completely change the looks of downtown, the feel of downtown and the possibility of buses coming through town. They may come through every day or every hour, we really don't know," says Moore.

The museum is expected to be finished in about two to three years. Spyridon will be speaking at the Historic Train Depot at 5:30 Thursday afternoon. Everyone is welcome to come. There is no admission charge.