Cans for Kids: Gary Turbville

LAUDERDALE CO, Miss. (WTOK) - This month's Eleven Who Care nominee wants to help kids in need. And he isn't asking for much - just your trash.

Gary Turbville's journey to helping others started more than two decades ago with one family in need and a pile of empty aluminum cans.

"I had a money bag, and I was selling cans," he says. "And I met this family that needed some help, so I helped this one family, and it ain't stopped in 21 years."

Since then, his passion has grown, with more cans and more families in need of help.

"I love people in general," Turbville says. "I don't meet a stranger, I just love people. And especially children."

He put a name to his efforts: "Cans for Kids" - a nonprofit organization that he now runs with the help of five other volunteers and as many donations as possible.

"A charity, if you've got enough help and time, you can make one as big as you want to make it," Turbville says.

Whatever money he raises, goes back to help families, and particularly children. That could mean helping to pay for food or heat and during Christmas a special program for hundreds of kids where they distribute food and toys.

"Anything that will help that child have a normal youth and get an education," he says. "The way I look at it, an education is the only way to break the cycle of being less fortunate or poor."

Turbville says seeing the families get the help they need is the best reward. And it's why he loves to do what he does.

"I deal with crying mothers that's so tickled and happy," he says. "And I say just be glad the Lord has provided to be able to help you. Nothing's possible without the Lord."

If you'd like to help Cans for Kids, you can call 601-513-0805. If you'd like to nominate someone for our Eleven Who Care series, you can stop by to pick up an application or click on the link in this story.