Carnival ride safety

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NESHOBA COUNTY, Miss. (WTOK) - Illinois state inspectors have shut down a dozen carnival rides similar to the one that broke apart mid-ride at the Ohio State Fair Wednesday.

The ride, called the Fire Ball, sent people flying, killing one man, and injuring seven others.

Mississippi hasn't had any major carnival injuries but what happened in Ohio is certainly on the minds of fairgoers in Neshoba County.

While some of the rides do look unsafe, Mitchell Brothers Amusements assures Neshoba County fairgoers they follow all the rules to keep everyone safe.

"Safety here at Mitchell Brothers is the number one thing by all means necessary," says Chad Stanley, manager. "It comes first, before the fun does."

Mitchell Brothers inspects all rides every two to three hours to make sure everything is level to the ground and attached.

"Some rides require a little bit more attention than the other rides because of the weight and what they do and how they swing," says Stanley.

Stanley says the Ring of Fire requires the most attention because it's a high power ride.

After test rides, level blocking and electrical wiring pass inspection, reports are sent to the Neshoba County Fair president for approval.

"We have a safety meeting with their employees," says Gilbert Donald. "Two things we tell them; safety is the number one thing at this fair."

Following the rules is a big help when it comes to safety. One parent we spoke to says everyone should discuss safety with their kids.

"First of all, [my kids] stay together so if we put them on a ride they go together. If one can't ride because they're too short or if they're too big, they just have to understand that that's life," says Sue Morrison.