Choctaw County church destroyed by fire

CHOCTAW COUNTY, Ala. (WTOK) - "Well, we'll just have to try and take things a day at a time, and see what the lord has for us to do," Voncille McGrew says.

Photo Source: WTOK-TV

A heartbreaking day for the Pleasant Chapel Church congregation. A fire destroyed their house of worship.

"My sister in law she had called to the house this morning and we just came out to the porch and all you see is fire - fire - fire. So we rode back along here to the closest we could get to it because the fire was just going everywhere. It was coming all the way down the house. If it wasn't raining, it would've been a mess," Leon Causey says.

Firefighters got the 911 call around 4 A.M. Flames were already shooting through the roof of the church by the time the first fire crew arrived.

"The first thing I did was call 911 and told them that the church was on fire, could they send a fire trucks out," Voncille McGrew says.

Voncille McGrew lives across the street from the church, she's been a member all her life. McGrew saw the smoke and flames and called 911.

"I looked out the door. My legs wanted to fall out from under me that it scared me so bad when I looked out. But it's a tragedy. But thankful there wasn't anybody in the church. Material things can be replaced, but lives can't," McGrew says.

The congregation will rely on its faith to get them through this tragedy.

"Right now we're just praying for the best and that the lord will bless us with another building," McGrew says.

Church members we talked to believe lighting caused the fire. Thunderstorms were moving through Choctaw County at the time the fire started.

The state fire marshal’s office is investigating the case.