Choctaw County fish camp closes due to flooding

Published: Feb. 14, 2020 at 10:23 PM CST
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If you take a trip to Ezell’s Fish Camp in Choctaw County, the drive will be cut short by flood waters from the Tombigbee River.

“We may dodge the bullet. I hope. We don’t know,” owner Mary Ann Ezell Hall says.

The flooding looks almost identical as nearly one year ago on March 1. The roads and the parking lot were completely covered last year. This year, they’re not far from it, but the waters are still rising.

“We had to close Wednesday night. We haven’t been able to open and I don’t know when we will get to open back,” Hall says.

The only way to access the popular restaurant is through the cotton fields by boat. The river is expected to rise another two to three feet.

“Probably about five or six years ago it closed us five times within a two month span,” Hall says.

Hall says the river flooding isn’t uncommon, but it’s happening at the worst time of the year. Valentine’s Day weekend is one of her busiest weekends at the restaurant.

“We had specials running and booking reservations. It’ll be a very definite bad impact. It’ll hurt to lose the entire weekend and probably a whole week. Maybe we will be open by next Thursday, but I don’t know,” Hall says.

In 1961 and 1979 water made it into Ezell’s fish camp. Hall says she’s hopeful that won’t happened this weekend.

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