Choctaw Law Day provides free legal services

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Mississippi Center of Legal Services Corporation and Choctaw Legal Defense are teaming up to provide free legal advice to the Choctaw community.

"We think it's important that persons are made aware of their legal rights so hopefully they won't encounter pitfalls and if they do encounter pitfalls they will be lessened by the fact that they are more informed about their legal rights," says Sam Buchanan, Mississippi Center of Legal Services.

A wide variety of topics will be discussed. Everything from foreclosures to adoption.

"We involve other entities on the reservation such as children and family services and other social service agencies that also assist the reservation residents," says Buchanan.

Attorneys will come in to discuss different topics throughout the day and this year they'll be doing something new to help engage community members.

"We will have a panel this year at the end where they can ask questions generally about whatever the issue may be whether we cover them on the topics that day or not," says Buchanan.

People will have the opportunity to not only learn about the legal topics but get help in any services they may need for free.

"We just hope that people will come out and take advantage of the opportunity," says Buchanan.

The Mississippi Center of Legal Services Corporation is able to provide free legal advice through a grant received a few years ago. In the past around 100 people have attended, but legal services hopes to grow that number this year.