Church leaders leaning on faith during coronavirus outbreak

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK)- In times of difficulty and uncertainty, people are turning to their local church for comfort and guidance. Newscenter 11 spoke with local religious leaders about relying on your faith.

Ministries and churches encouraging people to lean on their faith during the coronavirus outbreak, but how does one live a life of faith in a time of uncertainty?

"Our faith is the core of who we are. Whatever it is, we believe affects everything we do in response to the unexpected things that approach our lives. We now need some stabilizing sources of comfort, and the throne of God has not changed," said Reflection of Christ's Kingdom Pastor Rick Spells.

"That's why we have to rely on him. He said trust in me, and I'll trust in you." If we believe, he promised never to leave us; that's the only thing I can rely on is God," said Saint John Baptist Church Pastor Robert Cain.

As many people struggle to make sense of the coronavirus pandemic, some are confronting not only physical health concerns, but also spiritual health.

"Your faith has to be build up. We can't lose faith because once you lose faith then you lose hope. After that, you will begin to be part of the disease," said Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church Rev. Sammie Hoskins.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has disrupted the gathering of people at churches across the world, but local Pastor Rick Spells says you don't have to go to church to be in the house of God.

"The first man that God created was Adam. He breathed the breath of life in him. Adam was the house of God. The church is not a physical building built by men. The church is a God created vessel called the human body. We find our God within ourselves," said Pastor Spells.

Self-quarantine, school closures, and widespread shutdowns of public spaces can all take a toll. Pastor Robert Cain encourages people to enjoy outdoor activities.

"You can still do things that you normally do, but be wise in what you do. Be conscious of making good decisions," said Pastor Cain.

"Every day we should be sanitizing our hands, but the most important thing is that we sanitize our minds. This will do sanitation externally. The word of God will sanitize us internally. That's what really matters now," said Pastor Spells.

Rev. Sammie Hoskins said the coronavirus has shut down many restaurants, theatres, but it can't shut down your faith.