Churches hold special Christmas Eve services

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Churches all over held special Christmas Eve services Sunday to celebrate the real reason for the season.

"This helps to kind of bring us back, not just for family and fellowship, but true worship of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ." says Interim Pastor at First Baptist Church of Meridian Scott Hummel.

First Baptist Church of Meridian celebrated Christmas Eve with singing and worshiping along with having The Lords Supper.

"I think it is very appropriate that we partake in The Lords Supper as a part of the Christmas Eve service because it reminds us of why Jesus came to Earth, to live a perfect life and die for us," mentions Pastor Hummel.

As a part of Trinity Presbyterian’s Christmas Eve Vespers service, Christ Candles were given to church members to light and place at the church’s alter.

"We all share in the light of Jesus Christ because the Bible tells us that Christ is the light of the world," explains Trinity Presbyterian Pastor Mark Flynn. "At the end of the service everyone comes forward and adds their light so that we have these beautiful lights burning at the front of the church."

Pastors at both churches say it is important to remember that there is more to the Christmas holiday than just giving presents.

"While it is a wonderful time of giving, because of the gift of Christ, and it is a wonderful time of fellowship with family, first and foremost it is about recognizing who Jesus is and worshiping Him," says Pastor Hummel.

"This is the day when people need to come and worship their Lord and Savior. Christ was born for us, to save us from our sins, the least we can do is come on His day of birth and celebrate with Him and celebrate with our church family," says Pastor Flynn.