City hopes to get water billing back on track

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - The city of Meridian is clearing up some concern over the water billing process.

City officials say there has been a glitch that threw off the billing cycle earlier this year.

Finance and Records Supervisor Kittra Hudnall says customers were receiving two bills at the same time for a previous month. She says this glitch has been resolved, and the city hopes to remain on track for future billing cycles.

“There were certain routes, maybe three or four out of 41. There was a glitch in our system, so the bills did not go out until the first part of March. That ended up with two bills in March,” Hudnall says.

Some customers say their bills have been very consistent. Crews have been switching out water meters in recent months. So far, 95 percent of meters have been switched out. There are roughly 900 more to go according to the contractor.