City of Meridian working to streamline rental process

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Many people and organizations choose to hold their events in city of Meridian property. Now, the city is looking at ways to streamline that process.

Facilities like the Frank Cochran Center, Union Station and Dumont Plaza are popular choices for private events.

City officials want to find a way to keep contracts consistent, while also making it easy and safe for the renter. That means bringing in more law enforcement according to the size of the event.

"If you look at large events in any city, any place, the number one factor is public safety. We take those into consideration," community development director Laura Carmichael says. "We kind of tier it. You know, it might be an event for 100 people, but if you're looking at an event for say 1,000 people, you've got to put some special things in place."

The city is no longer offering the downtown parking garage as a rental venue since the top floor is leased through a private property.