Clarkdale School to undergo extensive cleaning this weekend

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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Miss. (WTOK) - Crews will begin cleaning Clarkdale School early Saturday morning. Superintendent Dr. John-Mark Cain says this is in response to the flu virus making its way around campus.

“We are going to go top to bottom wiping down all of our classrooms, all of our public areas, cleaning floors and carpet and making sure our buses are sanitized,” Cain says.

Superintendent Dr. John-Mark Cain says they have been communicating with other school districts in the state.

“Cleaning will actually disrupt the virus and eliminate it. IT's usually only infectious two to eight hours on a hard surface. We want to be extra cautious," Cain says.

Cain says this is the first time he recalls a deep cleaning being done as a response to people being sick. He says this kind of cleaning usually takes place over the summer before a new school year.

On average, the District has an attendance rate of 95 percent. Lately that has gone down to just 85 percent.

“A lot of that has been our parents being proactive in following our advice. It there are any students experiencing symptoms of the flu, we ask them to keep them at home,” Cain says.

Cain says the district will be working with students and parents when it comes to making up school work.

“We want everybody to just know that we understand the situation and we are trying to mitigate it as best we can,” Cain says.

Cain says, as of right now, Clarkdale is the only school that will undergo the cleaning process.