Clarkdale student awarded $1,000 scholarship

LAUDERDALE, Miss. (WTOK) - The saying "hard work pays off" proved to be true after a local bank awarded $1,000 to a Clarkdale student Tuesday morning.

Lexie Rawson, a recent Clarkdale High School graduate, won a $1,000 scholarship from The Citizens Bank for her good grades.

The Citizens Bank 'Rewards A Scholarship Program' allows students the chance to win money for submitting every 'A' on their report cards.

Recent Clarkdale graduate, Lexie Rawson, won this year's contest and received her scholarship check at the school.

"I got the voicemail and I was like, 'Oh wow!' Rawson said. "I didn't expect to be that one lucky person to get that money for the A's."

As a part of the reward, Clarkdale High School received $500 from the bank.