Clarke County damage surveys reveal 3 tornadoes

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CLARKE COUNTY, Miss. (WTOK) - Crews are cleaning up after three tornadoes struck different parts of Clarke County over the weekend.

Some of the heavier damage was done to a church on County Road 280.

Many trees around the structure are still standing, but the building itself is rubble. It crumbled from one of the reported EF-1 tornadoes.

The Pentecostal Living Church of God one of the only structures destroyed by the storms.

“We did have some homes that were affected. Right now, we believe we are less than ten structures that were affected by the storm. That could be any level of damage,” EMA Director Eddie Ivy says.

The three tornadoes that hit Clarke County have been mapped out by the national weather service. The Damage is indicated by the triangles. Meteorologist Brian Hutton Jr. explains why there might not be damage the entire length of the track.

“What happens in a lot of storms is if the storm produces EF-1damage, like in Clarke Co., the storm could then weaken and not do a lot of damage and then re-intensify downstream and produce another marker of damage. It’s all in how the tornado is weakening and strengthening as it moves along,” Hutton says.

Other parts of the county show clear signs of tornado damage. Numerous pine trees were snapped in the middle.

“There’s about 25 damage indicators they look for. Uprooted trees or snapped trees, that can be the difference between and EF-1 or an EF-2. Or high-end EF-2 to EF-3,” Hutton says.

“The thing that we hope we were positive with was preparing the public with partners like WTOK and radio stations,” Ivy says.

An Agriculture Damage Assessment Team has been requested to come to Clarke County to survey crops and timberland to see if any assistance is available.