Cleanup continues in Neshoba County

PHILADELPHIA Four days after two EF1 tornadoes plowed through the community, clean up efforts are going strong.

“We are about 20% of the way there, because now we’ve got crews in the streets, removing debris and cleaning up,” said Mayor James Young.

Mayor Young said the storm left a bitter sting.

“We are lucky we didn’t have more injuries. That’s a miracle right there to me, with as strong as that wind was and as intense as that wind was.”

Life is returning to normal for some residents, while others are still without electricity. Resident Barbara Pou said massive trees crashed into her yard, blocking her driveway and the wind ripped shingles off the roof. Despite the damage to her home, Pou said she feels blessed it wasn’t worse.

“Nobody knows how thankful you are until something like this happens and it happened to others worse than it did us. We are thankful,” said

Mayor Young says assessments are being done currently to gather information on the severity of the damage. He said anyone who received any damage from the storm should contact City Hall, where they can be put in touch with someone who can help.