Clients utilize new ABLE program for those with disabilities

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) A new program in the state of Mississippi is helping those with disabilities save money while at the same time keeping the benefits they are provided.

The first two clients signed up this afternoon at the Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services Ability Inc. on College Drive. For a while now, people with disabilities are unable to have more than a few thousand dollars before being disqualified for benefits. This program allows them to save up to $15,000 through a safe and secure program called ABLE.

“ABLE is an acronym for Achieving a Better Life Experience. It’s going to help Mississippians with disabilities to save for their future a little bit better and keep their financial benefits in place from the federal government,” Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services Chief of Staff Billy Taylor says.

“Those benefits are needed monthly, so you can’t afford to save them. This will give you a chance to put a little bit back at a time,” Marjorie Jordan, grandmother of client, says.

“My dream is to make my own Anime character, Manga, and my own barber shop. I can make more money and save,” new ABLE client Markhael Jordan says.

If you are a Mississippi resident and interested in this program for you or someone in your family follow the link below for information: