Clogged drains increase Meridian flooding

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - The city of Meridian's public works director is advising drivers to use caution during Lauderdale County's ongoing flash flood watch.

Hugh Smith says clogged drains like this are to blame for most of the flooding in the city. He says it's not that the drainage system isn't up to par. It's just that often grass clippings and other debris will pile up on top of the drains and gutters. That, combined with the heavy rainfall this area is seeing, leads to problems.

"Like I say 90, probably 95 if not more percent of the time, it's simply the grates are blocked with yard debris, and the water cannot get into the inlet," Smith says. "Other than that, it's just too much water falling at one time for the drainage system to handle."

Smith says to be cautious while driving in low-lying areas or on older streets. He says you should also make sure your grass clippings are behind the curb to prevent flooding in your neighborhood.

Lauderdale County's flash flood watch goes on until Wednesday evening.