College 4 Kids continues, STEAM Camp begins

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Children in the MCC’s College 4 Kids Program say they’re excited for week two.

“Meeting new people and having some good teachers,” says Cemya, a student at College 4 Kids.

“You get to wear like balloon hats, and you get to do magic. I like magic,” says Judah, a student at College 4 Kids.

Children that we spoke to say they enjoyed the classes they took last week and are looking forward to their next classes.

“Last week I loved what I did at hip hop, we had so much fun,” says Cooper, a student at College 4 Kids. “It was a mix of 3 songs: Old Town Road, 7 Rings, and Baby Shark, but it was like this rap version of Baby Shark, and it stopped at like ‘doot doot doot doot’ and then it kept on going and it was really fun.”

Teenagers also have a chance to learn while having fun this week at STEAM Camp.

“STEAM is an enrichment program for teens ages 13 to 17, and we offer a variety of classes that cover things like NASA camp where they learn about becoming an astronaut,” says Joy Smith, continuing education coordinator for Meridian Community College. “We have classes for things like marine biology, and it covers a variety of things like science, math, and art. We have a writing class that’s very interesting, where they use the guitar, and it’s not just a standard writing class, it makes it very interesting and fun.”
Organizers say this camp allows students to follow their goals in the fields of science and math.

“We’re hoping that this will be a good opportunity for them to get a little knowledge about different subjects that they have an interest in, so that they might me inspired to follow their career path that they have an interest in,” says Smith.

This is the third year for the STEAM Camp. About 50 students are registered for the class. If you’re interested in STEAM Camp for next year, the eligible ages are from 13 to 17.