QJHS hosts college and career fair

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QUITMAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Over 20 representatives from businesses, colleges, law enforcement, and the military gathered at Quitman Junior High School to talk to students at a College and Career Fair.

Students Newscenter 11 spoke with say this fair opened their eyes to the many different career paths.

“To see what our future could lead to us and what can we be as we grow to a stronger level,” says Destiny Williams.

The guest speaker at the fair was Clarke County Justice Court Judge Tobey Bartee, who talked to students about some tips for a successful future.

“I talked to them about mistakes being one of the greatest teachers if you learn from it,” Bartee says. “I was telling them about beginnings and I talked to them about dreams, and how dreams can become reality regardless of the circumstances that you may encounter along the way.”

Bartee says that he hopes the students left his talk knowing about the importance of respect.

“Respect becomes a habit and it starts now, because in every aspect of life you’re going to have to be respectful in order to obtain the goals, and to accomplish the dreams into which you have embarked upon,” Bartee says.

The students at Quitman Junior High have some big career goals.

“I would like to be a cardiologist because I want to save lives and help people with heart diseases and just try and make them feel better,” says Alexander Price.

“I’m depending on doing basketball, keep on doing basketball,” Williams says.

Overall, students say the fair was a worthwhile experience.

“I really like that we could go and look at different sections and see what they offer and what we can learn from them, and they can show us what they do there,” Price says.

Only eighth graders went to the College and Career Fair. 26 different careers and colleges were represented at the fair. The fair has been held every year for the past few years.