Collinsville tornado: One year later

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COLLINSVILLE, Miss. (WTOK) - The EF-2 Tornado that came through Collinsville exactly one year ago is still being talked about and remembered.

"When I pulled in here I came down the road and I looked over the lake. That’s when I saw it,” resident Aaron Pogue says.

Pogue recalled what February 2, 2016 was like for him.

“They say it sounds like a train, but it didn’t. It sounded like a waterfall. Like shhhhhhh. When it came over and toward us, reality hit real quick. We all got in the tub,” Pogue says.

Pogue says everyone got in the tub as he and his father in law put mattresses over their family.

"It was like a movie. Everything was normal, we were in the tub for a little, we heard some noise, we came out and there’s people’s houses in the lake,” Pogue says.

Lake Ross Collins is quiet now, but many homes have been patched. One year ago, as the EF-2 tornado made a path of destruction, no one was killed and no one was reported seriously injured. Emergency crews descended on the area helping those hit. Looking to ensure the safety of everyone affected.

“I teach science at West Lauderdale and I talk about storms. We learn about tornadoes, hurricanes and stuff. But learning about it and telling the kids what’s going on in the storm is one thing, to experience is a totally different thing altogether. It was surreal to say the least,” Pogue says.

A special ceremony is being held where First Baptist Church of Collinsville is being rebuilt.