Congresswoman Sewell speaks on Moore allegations

DEMOPOLIS, Ala. (WTOK) - A member of Congress shared her thoughts on the recent sexual assault allegations made against Roy Moore.

Congresswoman Terri Sewell spoke in Demopolis Tuesday during her "Congress in Your Community” tour. During her forum, Sewell did not address the allegations against Moore. But when asked exclusively by Newscenter 11, Congresswoman Sewell had this to say about the claims made by a number of women toward the U.S. Senate candidate.

"I believe that the people of Alabama, the voters of Alabama, deserve to have a Senator whose character, integrity, and veracity is not in question day one, that they enter the Senate. I believe that we deserve better and I hope that the voters of Alabama will put partisan politics aside and choose a candidate that can best represent Alabama, all of Alabama. And a candidate that will do us proud," Congresswoman Sewell said.

We also asked Congresswoman Sewell about the recent sexual misconduct allegations involving her colleague, democratic senator Al Franken of Minnesota. But Representative Sewell declined any comment.