Congresswoman Terri Sewell visits West Alabama

PENNINGTON, Ala. (WTOK) - Congresswoman Terri Sewell visited Pennington, Alabama Tuesday morning to discuss local concerns and what she's doing in Washington to address them.

"I hope that they understand that I'm doing everything I can in Washington to fight for the issues that matter most to them," said Representative Sewell. "Right now what I'm getting the most calls about is healthcare."

Access to healthcare was a major topic at the meeting and audience members made those concerns known.

Aside from healthcare, Sewell, who represents Alabama's 7th Congressional District, lists infrastructure, trade and access to fast internet as other areas she's working to improve.

She also addressed her stance on the President Trump impeachment inquiry and serves on The Intelligence Committee that released the complaint that triggered it.

"I know the folks that elected me didn't elect me to go in and impeach the president," said Representative Sewell. "We in congress have to do our duty, our constitutional duty, to uphold this democracy, we must do that at all costs."

Sharon Shepherd said both Sewell and the people she represents can benefit from Tuesday's meeting.

"I like to come when we have things like this to personally thank our elected officials for what they do for us," said Representative Sewell.

Sewell is serving her 5th term representing Alabama's 7th District.