Construction underway for new residence hall at EMCC

Published: Nov. 19, 2019 at 4:18 PM CST
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Students at East Mississippi Community College MCC will soon have a new place to call home. A residence hall is being built at the location of the old football field.

“We’re hoping that we’re going to be putting students in [the new residence hall] in fall of 2020,” says Tony Montgomery, the dean of students at EMCC’s Scooba campus.

School officials say the $11.5 million project will benefit the school in many ways.

“This also helps us prepare for the future growth that we’re expecting here on the Scooba campus, with instructional program as well,” says James Rush, the associate dean of instruction at EMCC. “We have students that are in our district and from across the state who want to come to East Mississippi Community College and we’re looking to grow our instructional programs. As we grow our residence hall, that helps us grow our instructional programs as well.”

The building where the ticket booth, concessions, and restrooms for the old football field were located will eventually be turned into a laundry room and an entertainment area.

“This will be an awesome opportunity for our students. We do have a waiting list usually in the fall semester so this will help us tackle that problem that we’ve had and get those students who are looking to come to East Mississippi into our residence halls a lot sooner,” Rush says.

The three-story residence hall will also feature study halls and tutoring labs.

“We’re excited about it. It’s an opportunity to be able to have 147 beds for our students and to be able to live somewhere that they’re proud of,” Montgomery says.

School officials say that the new residence hall will only house male students but that the design of the building allows for limited access if one of the wings need to house female students in the future.

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